Enchanting children's party magic

Looking to throw an unforgettable children's party that people will be talking about for ages?

Magicians make for the best children's parties. Everyone knows clowns are scary and bouncy castles with fizzy-drink-filled tummies just don't mix! Magic enthrals all ages, but perhaps children more than most judging by the sheer excitement and jaw-dropping astonishment on their faces.

The Robert Pound brand of magic is easily tailored to suit children of all ages. And if you think it's hard to impress older children? Don't worry I will leave them seriously stunned and amazed.

For your peace of mind I can supply independently-conducted CRB checks.

"Your show was amazing and I enjoyed it as much as the children did. The second you entered the room the havoc we were up against before you arrived disappeared and you enthralled the children. I wish I could bottle your talent not only as a magician but how good you were with the children!"

- Emma

As popular as ever with children and parents alike, nothing beats a traditional children's magic show for capturing the attention and imagination of the kids. And the best trick of all? I can make pandemonium vanish – all you will hear is hushed 'oohs' and 'wows' with the odd shriek of "Do that again!" as the children sit in silent awe.

My children's magic isn't just dumbed-down magic, in fact it takes ground-breaking routines to keep the children entertained and their inquisitive minds wondering how it's done. I really think it's having children of my own (a beautiful daughter who's seven and my son who's proudly just turned three!) that's given me the chance to create children's magic that entertains.

For the younger audience, balloon-modelling never fails to get a great reaction. Their eyes light-up when they see characters and objects take shape at amazing speeds. I can create virtually anything you name (please don't ask for swords) and you really won't find a better balloon-modeller in the business.

And you have several choices as to how the show goes…

There's the always-popular balloon stories where each child gets a balloon character to play a part as the story unfolds according to their imagination. Plenty of interaction and giggles all round (for adults and for me too!) as every story takes unexpected twists.

This is can then be followed-up by a story-orientated magic show or a demonstration on how to model balloons, using different pinches and twists, with everyone getting a chance to model their own balloon.

Balloon modelling


- Hayley S

This has got to be my most popular children's magic show that's requested time and time again.

First the children are treated to a magic show and then I will show them exactly how to do the tricks. When the parents return to pick up their children, they are treated to their own magic show performed by the children themselves!

The children absolutely love being proper magicians for the day and learning the secrets of sorcery! They're absolutely thrilled to know they'll be genuinely able to wow their parents later in the day, not to mention the other kids at school.

I can even arrange for the magician the BBC's Sorcerer's Apprentice programme to come along and judge the children's' magic show!

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